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MKE Shears proudly offers four product lines: Kaaral hair care, Kaaral styling products, Evo, and Locked ↦ Loaded. Each of our products is featured below; find the best product for your hair care needs.

Kaaral Hair Care Products

Locked & Loaded

Kaaral Styling Products

Evo Products

Kaaral Hair Care Products

Purify Reale Shampoo

Specially formulated for damaged, stressed, coarse, dehydrated and over processed hair.

Purify Reale, Intense Nutrition Conditioner

Penetrates deep into the hair restoring essential moisture making it stronger, elastic, soft and nourished.

Purify Hydra Moisturizing Shampoo

Delivers immediate, deep nutrition and add shine for hair that is dry and stressed out

Purify Hydra Moisturizing Conditioner

Delivers immediate, deep nutrition and add shine for hair that is dry and stressed out.

Locked & Loaded

Matte Clay

Shapes and adds explosive matte separation for a raw disheveled and reworkable finish.

Transforming Creme

Transforms shapes and adds matte hyperactive gritty texture for maximum dimension, hold, and added thickness for barely there hair.

Shine Wax

Adds high beam shine and precision molding for a polished refined finish or slicked back mischievous look.

Hard Hold Gel

Shapes and adds all day long hold for an extreme finish.

Kaaral Styling Products

EXPRESS Refreshing Dry Shampoo

Brush through powder that absorbs grease.

UNFINISHED Texturizing Fiber Cream

Creates texture and with a medium control.

MINDGEL Shape Memory Gel

Perfect for all hair types/ sculptues and shapes.

HYDROGLOSS Texturizing Liquid Gel

Adds texture, body, volume AND flexibility with hold.

DEFINER Extra Strong Hold Working No Aerosol Spray

Extra strong hold helps strengthen hair.

PRIMER Natural Hold Control

Keeps frizz away while enhancing fullness and movement.


Adds detail, texture and finish to your hair.

INSTA-CURLS Curly/Weavy Hair Cream

Eliminates frizz and enhances texture. Its humidty resistant and helps encourage natural curls.

VOOLOK Medium Hold Volumizing Mousse

Create volume and add texture. Style that lasts all day.

DAZZLING Straightening Cream

Smoothes straight hair and keeps the frizz away.

TRI ACTION Heat Protection Serum

Provides heat protection and deep repair while adding shine.

MOLDING Matte Paste

Form, mold, define and layer your style.

FIXER Strong Hold Protective Finishing Spray

Define and hold your style.

SPIKEY Extra Strong Creative Glue

fast-drying, non-sticky, no-flake hair glue.

BLING Glossing Spray

Adds shine and gloss to all hair types.

EVO Products

Calm - follicles unite

Evo Products to Calm Your Hair

The great hydrator moisture mask

A hydrating treatment to moisturise and smooth hair

Care - Love is in the Hair

Evo Products to Care for Your Hair

Happy campers leave-in mosituriser

Restores moisture balance and provides sun protection

Mane Attention

Repairs and strengthens, encourages healthy, shiny hair.

Curl - twisted for life

Evo Products for Curly Hair

End doctor split end sealant

A strand strengthening creme to seal the cuticles and bind split ends.

Liquid rollers curl balm

A moisturising styling balm that holds curls together and protects against frizz.

Straight - tame the strays

Evo Products for Straight Hair

Love perpetua shine drops

A glossing liquid that seals the cuticles, polishing hair smooth.

Love touch shine spray

A weightless spray that adds incredible shine and protects from humidity.

Icon welder hot tool shaper

A thermal spray to protect hair from hot tools and humidity.

Easy tiger straightening balm

A styling balm that tames curls and flyaways with weighted conditioning.

Style - great sculptors don't use tofu

Evo Products to Style Hair

Normal persons daily shampoo

A deep cleansing shampoo to remove product build-up and balance the scalp.

Normal persons daily conditioner

A light conditioner with an anti-oiling agent and scalp stimulating ingredients.

Water killer dry shampoo

A two-in-one dry shampoo and styling spray that make hair feel and smell fresh again.

Salty dog salt spray

A sea-esque mist designed to give your hair salty, beach-based texture and a matte finish.

Gangsta grip bonding resin

A resin that generates strong control and hold, and can be reactivated with water.

Haze styling powder

A styling powder to add volume and texture when hair is suffering from the flop.

mister fantastic blowout spray

A blow-dry spray to add fullness and texture giving the perfect blow-dry.

Helmut light strong hair spray

A dry, strong hold hairspray - for building styles and finishing - that brushes out with ease.

Volume - fat and happy

Evo Products to Add Volume to Your Hair

Gluttony volume shampoo

A volumising shampoo gorged with protein and film formers to build body and texture.

Bride of gluttony volumising conditioner

A weight-free, volumising conditioner to physically fatten the hair.

Day of grace leave-in conditioner

A lightweight leave-in conditioner to prepare hair before styling.

Shape vixen volumising lotion

A volumising lotion that adds body and lasting style support.

Root canal volumising spray

A volumising root lift spray that builds body and texture.